It’s all relative

Doing some family history research the other day I was reminded that we all come from somewhere else. For my family, my father’s mother was born in Italy, my mother’s “side” was from England. It’s fascinating to think that those people felt so strongly about leaving their homeland to forge a life so far from all they know. They left their family, friends familiar language and way of life to travel to the unknown. How courageous!   My husband’s family-one grandpa came from Poland, the other side Germany/Ireland. So we mix and mingle and find our match among the different pieces of the box of family.
Having a family gathering one summer, sitting at the table with my mother in law (family origin German Irish), the conversation moved to family history. Her comment ” I wasn’t Polish until I got married” makes me laugh to this day. We each have our own identity given to us by way of birth, location and sometimes marriage. We take pieces of each part of our life and make them our own. Creating a patchwork of humanity.
My dear friend D. H-K has recently made a move to another state. All the formalities of creating a life in a new area show how we all are defined by where we come from. In filling out what I’m sure was yet another form, she had the question posed to her: “Filling out doctor’s form. Section says choose: Latino or Refused to Report or Undefined or Other…please fill in blank. I marked Other and wrote “Michigander”.
So how shall I define myself? English/Italian/Californian by birth, Polish/German/Michigander by marriage or other? I choose other- human.


2 thoughts on “It’s all relative

  1. I have often thought about what motivates these people to travel such a great distance. They were for sure one thing a very hardy and brave group of people.

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