My Baseball Heart

Some background regarding my baseball heart, not that you asked, just thought I would share.

I grew up with 4 brothers and 4 sisters, I am the middle child. As kids, back in the day, we had no internet, limited t.v. options, so simple things, such as kick the can, tag and baseball were our fave activities. Summers, for us girls, were filled with softball games with dad as our coach. I can hear him still “just meet the ball no need to kill it.” His philosophy was base runners, the more the merrier.
Watching the games on TV back then was not the priority – at least to the grownups that had control of said watching.  As time went on baseball crept more into the TV lineup, though it was the Giants or the Padres that got the most attention. Mom, you see, is from San Diego and though she’s not a huge fan, her parents would watch and her sister is a HUGE Padres fan. I, on the other hand, favored the A’s. Dennis Eckersley is still my BF .
Enter Mark – my husband- into the picture. He grew up with Ernie Harwell on the transistor, and time spent at Michigan and Trumbull following his hometown team , the Tigers. When Mark moved to California he aligned with the A’s. Time now spent at the Coliseum is a shared activity, and for us spring training is like Christmas.
Speed to 1993 – baseball season ends, the winter appears bleak, then an announcement. Just as Mark thought he had nothing to look forward too, come spring he would have a new little Tiger to root with. Yep our first-born was on the way! 1994 saw baseball on strike and times were tough for a baseball fanatic. I think it went on strike so the birth  of our child would not be missed due to “2 outs in the bottom of the 9th- I’ll be right back I have to check the score”  With no baseball for distraction, our beautiful son got all the attention on the day of his birth.
Young new son was immediately indoctrinated to the life of a baseball fanatic. Dad proclaimed he wanted to take him to see the A’s play, their park is but an hour and a half away. I, on the other hand, insisted that the first ever game our son should see MUST be at Michigan and Trumbull. You see, I have been to a few ballparks in my time, but I have found that there is absolutely nothing like sitting in right field, just inside the foul pole, at Michigan and Trumbull, and see that field, hear those sounds, smell that smell and hear the sound of the ball as it hits the bat. Nowhere else was that sound so sweet.
Yes, the first game for both our sons was at Michigan and Trumbull.

With opening day being tomorrow, the sounds of baseball shall be a constant in our home once again.  Each day a new game, another statistic, a chance to follow our favorite players.  I may be from California and my local favorite team is the A’s, in my heart and soul I am a Tiger fan.  Not that you asked- but just thought I would share


One thought on “My Baseball Heart

  1. Oh I love it! I am not a big baseball fan unless I am at the stadium, but I like how passionate you are about the sport and how it’s a family favorite.
    Enjoy the baseball memories you’ll make with your family this summer!

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