Campground review 2 Missoula



We arrived in Missoula Montana at Jellystone Campground, and checked in at the office. We found our spot- a pull through on the end of the row. After pulling in, we looked for the sewer hookup, and found we had run over it. We found that the connector was right at the edge not further inland of the road as most are. We needed to get help from the camp host to remove the cap, and he did comment that he found it odd the park had the outlets that close to the edge.

As far as the camp itself, it was adequate. There is a pool, but wasn’t open while we were there as it was too cold. There is one central fire pit up near the office. I suppose that is ok, but I prefer fire pits at each spot- I think they believe it will make people join together but I find it doesn’t. Oh well.

There was wifi that was adequate around the park, and an area to walk pets, on leash of course. There is another field area that was safe for allowing our dog off leash for a good romp.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the park but it was adequate for the few days we stayed. We did have nice folks next to us, from Alaska, that we enjoyed an evening of conversation.

Many spots accommodate large rv’s and that was nice for us. Some freeway noise but not too horrible.


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