Spring Hill RV campground. Cochrane Canada


After leaving the U.S.A. we entered Canada through the Roosville entrance station in British Columbia; in the North West corner of Montana. The crossing was uneventful and took only about 10 minutes. Our destination, Calgary Alberta Canada. The drive to Calgary was pretty, though long. We had light rain during the drive but nothing major. We reached the campground at about 7pm.

The campground is farther out of the city of Calgary than I thought, but it was ok. Large pull through site but they have post fencing on the corners of each spot, making it a tight turn for us bigger rigs. It actually took some patients and maneuvering to not hit the post.DSC_0386DSC_0385

The park has many full-time campers, people in the area working so they stay at the park. there was construction in the park for improvements. From what I gathered, they were building a new playground spot for kids.

The other campers. long-term and short were pleasant. There is a gas station, store and restaraun. There is a pond with a small dock, use at your own risk. The area surrounding the pond is gravel rocks, there was construction debris around. A few days before had been some heavy rain so much of everything was soggy.

The location is out of the area of Calgary, though close enough to travel into town. Also it is on the way to Banff.
I wasn’t impressed with the park, there was highway noise, though most parks have that.


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