Eagle Valley Campground rv park Saskatchewan

For our drive between Calgary and Winnipeg, we decided to make an extra stop about half way. While we have plans and reservations in different places, we truly have no reason to hurry. We looked on the map and figured Maple Creek Saskatchewan would be a good stop. Looking on-line we chose Eagle Valley rv campground.

As we thought, the drive was long; what we learned as we drove, Saskatchewan is not very scenic. Ok, it’s scenic if you like low rolling hills with no trees. For miles and miles. YAWN!


We arrived at the park about 5:30pm. I was pleasantly surprised at what we found. There were trees and it was a decent size park. What we found interesting was how the park was set up. Normally you turn into the rv spots like in a parking lot, here the sites are more like a turn out on the road. I thought it was odd at first, but after being there I liked that concept. With the spots being on the side of the roads, the center space between the roads wasn’t as broken up


This park also has a restaurant and an indoor pool. The restaurant is small, and serves Carribean/ cajun type menu. We did not eat there- though the food looked good, it wasn’t what we felt like having that day.

Andrew and I did take advantage of the pool- an extra charge of 5 dollars I think it was. After a long drive, it was well worth the cost. There is wifi, but not at the rv sites- it is avail in the restaurant area.
the park is near the highway but I didn’t find it overly noisy.

Overall, it was nice, good for a big rig like ours, and the pool was a plus.


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