Calgary Canada

Taking such a long trip doesn’t always give us the time to spend in some of our stops as we would like. With only so much time, our activities can be limited. So what to see, or do, in that short time? I don’t think many people take such long journeys, choosing to spend more time in one place rather than traveling as far as we are. Each agenda is right for that person. Sometimes, I find I would like to spend more time exploring a particular town. We make the best of our time, and note the places we would like to revisit some day. Our days in Calgary were like that.
We stayed a bit out-of-town, and that was ok, I prefer the quiet out-of-the-way campground rather than a noisy city one.
To get a small feel for the city, we chose to take the city train through town. With Andrews love of trains, this is a cheap activity. Not knowing our way around town, the train is an easier way to visit a big city. We get to where we want to go, and don’t just see a freeway.

We spent one afternoon exploring the downtown area, taking in the different buildings and streets in the Stephen Avenue walk area. We stopped for lunch and watched a street performer and listened to some musicians entertain the crowd.

During our walk, we came upon the Calgary Tower. Riding up the elevator in the tower, to the top, 525 feet up, is exciting. As you begin the tour, you are handed what looks like a large smart phone or tablet, and some headphones. All during your tour of the tower, you listen to the narration of information about the city. As you exit the elevator, on the top floor, you are on an observation deck with 360 degree view of the city of Calgary. On one side of the observation deck, there is a glass floor section that you can stand on for a very unique birds eye view below. The view reminded me of standing atop the Empire State Building.
We enjoyed the view from above the city.

Another day, we chose to drive to the Canadian Olympic Park, home of the 1988 winter games. In the summer the park is used for mountain biking, there is a luge ride and bobsled ride available as well. Andrew and I chose to ride the luge; claimed to be one of the longest. I also chose to take a bobsled ride. Where else can you ride an Olympic bobsled?! It was exciting and fun to walk around the Olympic park where those elite athletes competed. You could almost feel their presence among the buildings.

As we enjoyed the scenery and beautiful homes, we listened to the radio, and learned that a year prior Calgary had some major flooding. We learned how the city had rebuilt the damaged area. Arriving back at our campground, we learned that just a few days earlier, had been some significant rain. We missed the current flooding by just 2 days.

So there you have a glimpse of our time in Calgary Canada. I would like to go back and see Banff and Lake Louise. We were close but those towns are west and we were heading east. I know- they are really close but with all that was ahead of us, I will have to keep those on my “bucket list” for now.


4 thoughts on “Calgary Canada

  1. My Wife is the PERFECT girl to travel with!!! Her bucket list gets fullfilled, and will never run over the top. Thanks for being my Wife.

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