Indian Head Saskatchewan Canada

As with anything, long trips aren’t always filled every moment with grand adventures. Sometimes it’s the basic things of the day that bring great joy.

After leaving Calgary we headed East. We stopped one night in Maple Creek Saskatchewan at a very nice campground. The park was quiet, clean and had an indoor pool!


maple creek, Saskatchewan Canada

It was nice to relax and swim after a long drive and I  forgot to take a picture of that pool.


After Maple Creek we continued our journey East. The drive was rather plain, low rolling hills but not a lot to look at.

summer  2014 364 As we neared our campground, we came upon a long stretch of road construction, and rain. After the smooth driving we had for most of the day, this rough patch was rather jarring. When we arrived at the campground, Mark went inside to check in, and I walked outside to stretch a bit, and that’s when I noticed….. one of the ramps for our car dolly was missing. The strap that tied them down had broken. Seems the rain and constant bouncing had frayed the buckle and it came off. We checked in and drove to our spot. A nice large spot- but with the rain the back-end of the spot had quite a bit of water, so was a bit soggy.

summer  2014 378summer  2014 380







We hooked up water and electric and then asked the camp host if they had a piece of wood we could use for a temporary ramp for our car. Luckily they had a nice wood post, which we ended up buying from them- we were going to need it for a while! At least until we can replace that ramp.
This inconvenience clearly didn’t bring us much joy, more like frustration, and phone calls and e mails. We don’t know exactly when we lost that ramp, and sure hope it didn’t damage another car behind us. What we did find at this campground, was that the train tracks were just down the road. With Andrew’s love of trains, this made up for rainy weather. We would walk down the road and watch for the train to come.

summer  2014 368

heading to watch the train go by. Andrew likes to collect world flags and was thrilled when he had is USA And Canadian flags.


Not knowing the train schedule, we seemed to miss it when we were waiting by the road, but would hear it when we were swimming or at our RV.

This campground had a real nice play area- though rather soggy from all the rain, and a nice pool, always a bonus.

summer  2014 373

As we relaxed, I watched Andrew, and thought how these small adventures, the walks to watch a train or an afternoon of swimming, were just as exciting as any grand adventure we might come upon.



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