Thunder Bay Ontario.

The drive to Thunder Bay was nice, easy. We arrived at Happyland Rv  and set up as usual, and even had some time to go swimming.  Nice big rig friendly park close to Thunder Bay. As we looked through the area information, we found there is a park nearby that we decided to go to the next day.

Kakabeka Falls is just  1 1/2 miles from the rv park.  At 130 ft high it is referred to as Niagara of the North.  A wooden walkway follows along the river and crosses over the falls, providing excellent views.  We spent a relaxing afternoon walking the trail and enjoying the beauty of the falls.


Back at the rv, looking at the local tourist book, Andrew said he wanted to go sailing. We found a company that has sailboat rides on Thunder Bay.  We booked a ride for the next day.

After breakfast we drove into Thunder Bay, found where the boat tour was, and looked around a bit. It was SUPER windy, and the wind made Andrew a bit agitated.  Our tour was scheduled for 2pm, and we went to talk to the captain of the boat. With such a windy day, and choppy water, the captain suggested we come back at 8pm when it would likely be calmer. This turned out to be an excellent choice.

We arrived back at the boat in the evening, and it was indeed calmer. I explained to the captain about Andrew’s autism so he would be aware. i said that he may seem scared when he really is having a good time. I also mentioned that Andrew would love to “drive the boat”. The captain nodded and smiled and then we went to board.  The boat was a 40ft sailboat, with the captain the 3 of us and another couple. We got settled on the boat, and headed out toward the break wall and Lake Ontario.

On the bay the ride was easy and relatively calm. The captain pleasant as he shared information about the area.  In the beginning Andrew climbed up to the bow of the boat and enjoyed that view. After a few minutes we reached the break wall that lead to Lake Ontario. Passing the wall, the temperature suddenly dropped and the waves picked up. The captain put up another sail and we were then scooting along, wind in our face, the spray  splashing off the bow, and Andrew screaming with excitement.   As we were going along the captain asked Andrew to come on back and “drive the boat”.  Carefully Andrew crawled back and stood at the wheel- he was sailing and having a great time.

We sailed back to the dock and ended our evening.  Sometimes and idea comes, like sailing, and you just go with it. Have fun and do something different.  The joy of that hour and a half sailing trip is one of our favorite memories of our trip.

DSC_0613  DSC_0615 DSC_0637 DSC_0633   DSC_0649





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