Winnipeg to Thunder Bay

We left Winnipeg for the trip to Thunder Bay, and figured we would stop at a rest area or truck stop for the night.  A light rain was falling and our new wiper blades were not working the way they should.  We pulled to the side of the road and Mark got out to adjust the blades. After a soggy few minutes , Mark got back in the RV. As he dried off, I closed and locked the door- or tried to lock the door. Again, the door didn’t shut properly and the lock didn’t engage.  Why are we locking the door while we are inside? Well, just before we departed on our trip one of the bolts that latch the top of the door, keeping it snug while it is closed, had come off.  Our local RV repair shop wasn’t able to get the part before we had to leave.  We found, if we locked the dead bolt, the door was secure and no wind noise or chance of flying open as we traveled down the road.  So another rainy 10 minutes on the side of the road trying to get the door latched.  We did the best we could, then proceeded to move down the road.

The scenery was a little better- trees lined the road, so we had that.  As we drove along we looked for pull- outs or some type of truck stop, and found nothing.  Our plan of just pulling over for the night seemed like it wouldn’t happen, so we then started looking for an actual campground.  When we got to Wabigoon Ontario, I noticed a campground sign that said ” Big rig friendly”  Ok, great, that’s us. So we watched for the entrance and pulled in.

What we found was a smaller park , but we loved it. The owners  are Rvers themselves and they built the park with that in mind. Nice wide big rig friendly spots. No trees overhanging to scratch, good power source, nice washer dryer and shower to use, satellite . Not expensive , all around a nice place.  We walked down to the lake, but because of all the recent rain the access to the dock was flooded.  We did come across a turtle making his/her way to the lake.  Our understanding is Wabigoon lake is a great walleye fishing lake.

We spent some time talking with the owner- even had a wild thought we would buy the campground from him, we enjoyed our stay that much.  Next morning, we continued our trek to Thunder Bay

DSC_0603DSC_0601  DSC_0600


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