How Much is Enough?

As I was stitching Henry’s sock IMG_2437monkey yet again, the thought occurred to me, how far do we go to fix things?  At what point is it time to move on or give up? How do you know that you can do no more?

Some things seem obvious- Sock Monkey just has too many holes. Or that pair of shoes that are super comfy ends up with the sole coming off. But is it that simple? I know, lots of questions, and it’s just an old Sock Monkey toy. To Henry, it’s his favorite toy, his comfort, so I stitch again.

We care for those things, or people, that mean something to us, that we hold dear. We go to great lengths to make them feel better, and at times it is hard. Sometimes it’s not enough, we can’t fix it. But we try, with all our heart and soul to make it better. We battle each day, hoping we don’t stop just short of success.

In those times that we do have to stop, when doing just one more is actually harming, not helping, it can be the hardest choice to make.  Giving up feels like we fail, but if all our effort is causing harm,  the better option is to stop. That is when we win.

There will always be what if- what if we did one more, what if we didn’t do that thing in the beginning and did option 2?  But then again, are we doing one more for us or for the one we are helping?

I hope, in all the times I have done just one more, or tried again, or even made that choice to not continue, that it was the right choice. It’s hard to tell and sometimes I may never know. I do hope that those choices I make actually help and not harm. To all those that are battling today, feeling like the ninth inning, tie game, full count, bases loaded and you are at bat. You still have one more chance, and who knows, it may be a grand slam.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        IMG_2440