Summer 2016

For the past few years, we have been fortunate to take our summer RV trips. We have had some incredibly memorable times traveling around the country, seeing such wondrous sites.  It can be a challenge, planning just the right trip, with time and money constraints and the desire to see everything.  Somehow we manage to have just the right trip for us, at that moment.

Because we had already had a couple trips this year, our summer trip was not as long as some of our others have been.  We packed up the RV- a feat in itself- and headed out, just as the temperature in town heated up. We headed  to the Oregon coast, and to a climate I am more suited for.

We took our time heading north, and our first stop was a rest area in Canyonville Oregon. Nice big spot to stop for a night.IMG_2527

Next day, we continued to our destination of Seal Rock Oregon. We had the best spot- looking over the cove for great beach walking, tide pool searching, looking for shells and just an overall great week.

With Seal Rock as our base for the week, we had time to explore the coast.

I will say, I would certainly spend more time on the Oregon coast.  There is so much to see and do, all within an easy drive. More than anything, I found that being on the coast made me feel so refreshed.


Indian Head Saskatchewan Canada

As with anything, long trips aren’t always filled every moment with grand adventures. Sometimes it’s the basic things of the day that bring great joy.

After leaving Calgary we headed East. We stopped one night in Maple Creek Saskatchewan at a very nice campground. The park was quiet, clean and had an indoor pool!


maple creek, Saskatchewan Canada

It was nice to relax and swim after a long drive and I  forgot to take a picture of that pool.


After Maple Creek we continued our journey East. The drive was rather plain, low rolling hills but not a lot to look at.

summer  2014 364 As we neared our campground, we came upon a long stretch of road construction, and rain. After the smooth driving we had for most of the day, this rough patch was rather jarring. When we arrived at the campground, Mark went inside to check in, and I walked outside to stretch a bit, and that’s when I noticed….. one of the ramps for our car dolly was missing. The strap that tied them down had broken. Seems the rain and constant bouncing had frayed the buckle and it came off. We checked in and drove to our spot. A nice large spot- but with the rain the back-end of the spot had quite a bit of water, so was a bit soggy.

summer  2014 378summer  2014 380







We hooked up water and electric and then asked the camp host if they had a piece of wood we could use for a temporary ramp for our car. Luckily they had a nice wood post, which we ended up buying from them- we were going to need it for a while! At least until we can replace that ramp.
This inconvenience clearly didn’t bring us much joy, more like frustration, and phone calls and e mails. We don’t know exactly when we lost that ramp, and sure hope it didn’t damage another car behind us. What we did find at this campground, was that the train tracks were just down the road. With Andrew’s love of trains, this made up for rainy weather. We would walk down the road and watch for the train to come.

summer  2014 368

heading to watch the train go by. Andrew likes to collect world flags and was thrilled when he had is USA And Canadian flags.


Not knowing the train schedule, we seemed to miss it when we were waiting by the road, but would hear it when we were swimming or at our RV.

This campground had a real nice play area- though rather soggy from all the rain, and a nice pool, always a bonus.

summer  2014 373

As we relaxed, I watched Andrew, and thought how these small adventures, the walks to watch a train or an afternoon of swimming, were just as exciting as any grand adventure we might come upon.


Eagle Valley Campground rv park Saskatchewan

For our drive between Calgary and Winnipeg, we decided to make an extra stop about half way. While we have plans and reservations in different places, we truly have no reason to hurry. We looked on the map and figured Maple Creek Saskatchewan would be a good stop. Looking on-line we chose Eagle Valley rv campground.

As we thought, the drive was long; what we learned as we drove, Saskatchewan is not very scenic. Ok, it’s scenic if you like low rolling hills with no trees. For miles and miles. YAWN!


We arrived at the park about 5:30pm. I was pleasantly surprised at what we found. There were trees and it was a decent size park. What we found interesting was how the park was set up. Normally you turn into the rv spots like in a parking lot, here the sites are more like a turn out on the road. I thought it was odd at first, but after being there I liked that concept. With the spots being on the side of the roads, the center space between the roads wasn’t as broken up


This park also has a restaurant and an indoor pool. The restaurant is small, and serves Carribean/ cajun type menu. We did not eat there- though the food looked good, it wasn’t what we felt like having that day.

Andrew and I did take advantage of the pool- an extra charge of 5 dollars I think it was. After a long drive, it was well worth the cost. There is wifi, but not at the rv sites- it is avail in the restaurant area.
the park is near the highway but I didn’t find it overly noisy.

Overall, it was nice, good for a big rig like ours, and the pool was a plus.

Spring Hill RV campground. Cochrane Canada


After leaving the U.S.A. we entered Canada through the Roosville entrance station in British Columbia; in the North West corner of Montana. The crossing was uneventful and took only about 10 minutes. Our destination, Calgary Alberta Canada. The drive to Calgary was pretty, though long. We had light rain during the drive but nothing major. We reached the campground at about 7pm.

The campground is farther out of the city of Calgary than I thought, but it was ok. Large pull through site but they have post fencing on the corners of each spot, making it a tight turn for us bigger rigs. It actually took some patients and maneuvering to not hit the post.DSC_0386DSC_0385

The park has many full-time campers, people in the area working so they stay at the park. there was construction in the park for improvements. From what I gathered, they were building a new playground spot for kids.

The other campers. long-term and short were pleasant. There is a gas station, store and restaraun. There is a pond with a small dock, use at your own risk. The area surrounding the pond is gravel rocks, there was construction debris around. A few days before had been some heavy rain so much of everything was soggy.

The location is out of the area of Calgary, though close enough to travel into town. Also it is on the way to Banff.
I wasn’t impressed with the park, there was highway noise, though most parks have that.

Campground Review 1

Campground review



Our first stop on our trip, other than a truck stop/ rest area, was Crystal Hot Springs rv park in Honeyville Utah. We chose the site for its proximity to Gold Spike National Historic Site; 32 miles.

I think there may be something closer but I like this park .

1) the price 25$ per night for full hookups – sewer/water/electric
2) There is wifi but only near the office, not in the campground area.

The rv section of the park has about 80 sites, all back in. some have larger trees for shade, but overall its nice.
There is an older swing set for kids to play. Nearby a shower/bath room. The woman’s shower was clean but older. There are 2 stalls and 3 showers. One of the showers is missing a shower curtain. I did not use the shower so can’t say about the water pressure etc.

There is a large tent area and many tent sites on the perimeter. The park also has several hot spring fed pools. One very large Olympic size that is shallow all the way across the maximum depth I think was 5 ft.

Thee are 2 Jacuzzi type pools, a small kiddie pool depth I think about 2 ½ ft. and another soaking type pool depth of about 4 feet, with waterfall features.

A big attraction for the kids are the 2 water slides. They are 365 ft long hydro tube twisty slides. Very fun.

All the pools are heated by the natural hot springs in the area and they claim the highest mineral content found in any hot spring in USA.

The swimming/ slides are an extra charge from the camping, though they do give campers a small discount when asked. Swimming only= 6$ swim and slide 10$. Pools stay open until 10pm during summer.

On the perimeter of the park is a small pond with a few ducks. At the back edge runs the train tracks and the trains rumble through periodically blowing their horns. This could be at or 4 pm,

We were here over the Fathers day weekend. We arrived on Wed. and by Friday night the park was full- Lots of group tents camping, Families in rvs for the weekend, Sunday afternoon many had left, by Monday morning the place is pretty empty.

Overall the employees were all pleasant and we liked this park.